If I really wanted to, I could easily turn and break through this linear universe.
But that would be pointless and selfish. And somebody has already done that before anyway.
And even once I went out of bounds and escaped… Where would I go?

Purity Route

/ February 21, 2019
  1. Prayer Locket
    I want to be a healer. I want to 100% heal.
  2. My Genie
    You made nobody happy, but at least you didn’t get hurt.
  3. White Cats Die Young (Sign 0801)
    Then again, we’re both inky souls.
  4. Nesting
    My second-rate love. My value-menu love. My you-were-there-and-I’m-too-scared-to-look-elsewhere love.
  5. Impasse
    You left me for the exit as I screamed my name.
  6. Sleepwalking
    I took her and held her up and stared up into her and was... happy.
  7. And We Are One
    “Now tell me, Karma. If you could turn the key to end the world, wouldn’t you do it? Just to see what it’s like? Just to one-two-skip-a-few all the way to the end of this sad, silly story?”
  8. Your Move
    I looked at the syrup dripping over whipped cream and imagined a whipped cream world for myself too. It was harder than I thought. I’d touch it and it would topple.
  9. I am here, I’m nowhere, and nowhere’s right for me.
  10. Velveteen
    Together forever promise. Sleeping part.
  11. Midnight Counterpoint
    Only real tears bring absolution.

For those who fall asleep with a pillow in their arms.

Bandcamp / Lyrics
Cover art by michi / chrysanthemum skies

Lilly Nobody

/ November 21, 2016
  1. Where Lost Memories Live On
  2. For the Dying and Dead
  3. line I / Chamber
  4. Spiro
  5. Pakuri Daydream
  6. Thanatophobia
  7. line II / Couplet
  8. Neverone

Pretty pop about feeling like a fake.
Pretty songs about love and copycats and dysphoria.

Bandcamp / Lyrics