Lilly Nobody


Where Lost Memories Live On

a girl, mixed-up scattered-brokenup
wearing air in the atrium
she sighs as if the sky would come and save her
were you there
(when it did)

in dreams, in spirit solidsubstance
she cries as if the world would break
and the world awaking finds her gone and were you there
(she was not)

somewhere flowers have a name
somewhere heaven stays the same
give up, fall into the place
where lost memories live on
were you even there

bright blue, pillars hope and broken too
she saw the day before her eyes
lightning flash and power splines and were you too
(as she once was)

lost art, clear heart pacing it’s a start
fire collapsing skies will crumble
world’s best dad lost in the jumble
and somewhere streetlights meet their end
somewhere lilly lives again
fire collapsing skies will crumble
world’s first kiss lost in the murmur
and somewhere flowers have a name
somewhere heaven stays the same
somewhere souls get eight of ten
dear heartland, will you ever see me again?
and somewhere everything is one
somewhere blind men see the sun
give up, fall into the place
where lost memories live on

For the Dying and Dead

mother of one, birthday cake, forty-young
broken to none, daddy left, lost her son
to the rainbow in the fall
only the scarecrow saw it all

used candle burns, papa sings to his daughter
cheer up my girl, ’s not the end of your world
and only god knows what’ll come,
maybe tomorrow’ll make you someone

child of nine, feather bed, lost her shrine
torn from the sky, saw the cake, saw her crying
and only one thought saw her through:
oh she wished god dropped the moon too

bootleg princess cries, she tries in the park
perfect hair stands by hiding in the dark
the sickness, the near miss, she cannot stand this

sent to her bed, born again by the dying and dead
broken and red, burning world in her head
and only god knows what’ll come
only god knows what you’ve done

chained to the star, patchwork dreams, body tar
broken and marred, but six eyes saw the scar
oh she's so scared

bootleg princess tries, she tries in the park
perfect hair ran away
only god knows what you are
bootleg princess tries real hard for us all
but we’re terrified of her
the rainbow, the end goal (oh hell no)


my little vial
with a lovely arrangement of atoms
two for each eye
and i know that one day she will be mine
oh i want to believe
in my heart skipping beats

six passersby
told me i wouldn’t change in that world
no, i’m too ill
to be seen i would need not to be heard
or i’m left all alone
but a *, a curio
shut me off
my fantasy, my next-best hope

say, on the hill,
what a lovely arrangement of flowers!
stay by my side!
i’m so scared that one day it will be mine
pretty dog on the road
red and wet, pretty rainbow
shut me off
the enemy, my long-lost love,

Pakuri Daydream

traitor to a conscript club
trained to be his second sun
far too hot for anyone

rotten mistress 801
her princes from a foreign land
only loves what's in her hand

through the gates she ties her band
swears to make her body tame
grits her teeth and says her name

crowd around to view her shame
to see her all is not enough
just to have something to love

love to make the Other one
love to make the idol mine
oh my only crime was love

in the end i could pretend
in the end i’d tell her together forever
but then we lost each other
oh tell me that i loved her

tell me that i’m wrong
tell me that i loved her

no festival
no place for my ring
no art unending
oh summer’s ending

the end of all
the heart of string too
but if you just move
oh you will slip through

my animal
my end of meaning
my sister seething
oh please believe me

and it’s all done
obsessed, unchanging
obsessed, unchanging
a phony daydream


sister quotes the past she says that nothing ever lasts and she was right
knocked out on the street a bloody puppy at her feet some parent's pride
she curls up beside its side
heaven is a hug to help you breathe
a lie to make the night worthwhile, a whisper in a dreamless sleep

flowers grow and die but with so many by my side i could be free
(or chained to make a young girl's wreath)
she confessed her love and found it wasted on her brother and it broke her in three
unwanted by her destiny
she composed her end and crawled up on her blinking bed
there was no beauty in her fall we heard a snap the doctors called there's nothing wrong
the future isn't real i held her tight and tried to feel her fading pulse
i was never worth this cost
heaven is a hug to help you breathe
a wish upon a star that's far too dark for you to see
or a lover that'll keep you safe from harm
soothe you through your greatest fear and wrap you in his arms

sunsets everywhere and ours will come but daylight's there to care for now
and if the moon should block yours out i'll take yours to my heart and keep it true
it's the best that i could do


god’s in his sky
and you’re in my hand
defying forever
as only we can

and i don’t understand
our fingers entwined
your sight of forever
so distant from mine

wrapped up in time
and deaf to the rest
and nothing between us
your heart in my chest

he thought it best
that we come undone
to scatter forever
to be never one

what have you done
you know we are kin
you know there are angels
enjoying our sin